Tansin Company Limited is a leading exotic leather tannery in Thailand. We are globally renowned for products quality and reliability of the company.With over 20 years of exotic leather experience and tannery skill, transforms a small family owned business into one of the biggest exotic leather manufacturer in Thailand.Nowadays, we supply the finest quality leather to our customer all around the world.Beside tannery business,
Tansin also own crocodile bag factory at Samutprakarn (only45 mins from Suvarnabhumi International Airport) and own crocodile farm in Nakornpathom.

Our crocodile farm is located in Nakornpathom (2hrs. from Bangkok).Today, we have more than 10,000 live animals in the farm including Crocodylus Siamensis (Freshwater crocodile),and Crocodylus Porosus (Saltwater crocodile).
In order to ensure that we will have the best quality crocodile skins supply to the world. Our crocodiles are raised in the chemical-free environment where the weather is suitable and the water source is clean and fit to specifically feed crocodiles.