Tan Sin Company offers top-quality genuine Crocodile leather, commonly referred to as hides, skins, and simply Croc. We process, tanery, and finish genuine Crocodile hides in Thailand We strive to offer you the absolute best Crocodile skins currently available at fair market prices., we offer finished or freshly tanned Crocodile skins – ready for fashion production. Please inquire when you are ready to purchase the correct skins for your project. Each species has their own inherent benefits and costs and come in grades 1-6


Tan Sin company provides contract tanning services for farm raised and wild crocodile skins with the option for crust tanning and full custom finishes. We solely specialize in tanning crocodile skins that go on for use in the luxury leather market worldwide. Our tanning services and knowledge are now available to you for your own quality custom leather.

Tan Sin team has years of experience in the processing of crocodile. While this internationally assembled team posses the skills required to produce world class alligator skins, it is their passion that is most reflective in the Tan Sin's insurmountable quality.




Our crust tannage results in soft, mellow hides receptive to excellent color variety to allow for finishing at a later date.

Every finished hide is handcrafted into some of the softest most exquisite alligator leather in production ready to be made into a custom luxury product.

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To arrange contract tanning, delivery, or request additional information please send email to:

Chanut Tipphanawadee, Director of Sales and Marketing